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Whether they’re goofing off back stage, or making magic on stage, Levi & Suiss know how to show their fans a good time.


Meeting by chance at Tipsy, a club in Tel Aviv, was the best thing to happen to the music world. Shlomi Levi, an established DJ, saw Aaron Suissa’s immense potential and love for music. He decided to take Suiss under his wing, and the duo hasn't looked back since. Shlomi’s technical mastery combined with Aaron's sincere energetic interaction with the crowd makes this duo unique and fascinating to watch.

Levi & Suiss is a strong up-and-coming name in the electronic music scene. Recently they have been taking over charts with their various remixes and energetic tracks. The duo has just released "SMFF" “City Of Whispers” and “Im Ninalu” which all 3 reached Beatport Top 10. Their most recent remix “Uptown Funk” has been a massive hit and their upcoming single "Silver Bullet" is generating serious attention from some of the biggest names in the EDM Industry.

Shlomi Levi’s career jumpstarted after performing at Camp Nou for the European Cup Finals in 1999. After his fantastic performance, that helped excite the Red Devil's supporters before the match, Shlomi secured his place as Manchester United F.C’s Official DJ for two seasons. Shlomi Levi has played all over the world, releasing various tracks such as “I’m a Rich Bitch” which hit the number two spot on the iTunes sales chart. Aaron Suissa "Suiss", although newer to the scene, has already had vast accomplishments. His ability to stimulate the crowd found him DJing at top clubs and venues throughout Israel. He has performed at internationally renown nightclubs such as Clara, Valuim, Morfium, Solo, and many more. Not only has Suiss performed at these venues, he has also had the chance to speak on TEDx event in Tel Aviv, where he shared his life’s struggles and how his passion for music played a huge part in his overcoming those struggles. The duo continues to perform regularly all over Israel and Europe, combining energetic performances with their own emotional and uplifting style of music.







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